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Our voltage optimising solution is...

  1. Effective on a major part of your installed electrical loads
  2. Saves UP TO 20% of your electricity cost
  3. Contributes towards reducing the carbon footprint of your installation
  4. Balances phase voltages
  5. Eliminates Supply voltage fluctuations
  6. Regulates supply voltage
  7. Reduces maintenance cost
  8. Increases equipment lifetime
  9. Reduces Electricity expenditure
  10. Guaranteed low roi
  11. high irr


Our services with respect to Power

Factor Correction include:

    • A Monitoring and Data collection exercise over a representative period of time.
    • Assessment of the suitability of existing PFC units and providing advice on improvements and optimisation of the equipment’s performance
    • Servicing and Repairing of any brand of PFC unit, including Support Contracts tailored to your requirements
    • Evaluating the Savings that can be made by the implementation of Enemalta’s Power Factor Tariff, including the respective Return on Investment period.


The electrical supply fluctuates significantly depending on the time of the day and operation. Voltage supply levels have been noted to reach a max of 256V at some sites.

Reducing and keeping a lowered voltage level to an optimum level constantly throughout the operation of the installation provides an new opportunity for energy saving. Operating at a reduced optimum voltage level has also been proven to contribute in reducing maintenance costs and increasing equipment lifetime.

Voltage stabilisation and regulation has also been proven to reduce voltage fluctuations and surges, potentially permit maximum energy saving to be achieved and also through phase voltage balancing help in increasing the efficiency of operation of connected equipment such as direct drive motors.

Our solution is also designed to be installed into both old and new installations and is designed specifically to match the clients load characteristics in order to ensure maximum efficiency and energy saving.

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