Generator 8kVA – G8000E-T


Rated Power 8kVA

Rated voltage 230V/400V

Fuel type petrol

Fuel tank capacity 25 liters

Autonomy 7 hours


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Step into a world of commanding power with the Generator 8kVA – G8000E-T. This robust generator exudes authority, boasting an impressive 8kVA rated power, ensuring an unyielding and dependable power supply whenever the need arises. Engineered for performance, it operates seamlessly at rated voltages of 230V or 400V, adapting precisely to your power demands.

Fueled by petrol, this generator houses a substantial 25-liter tank capacity, delivering an impressive 7 hours of autonomy. Its extended runtime ensures continuous power for extended durations, serving as a reliable and enduring power source during outages or for longer-term power necessities.

The G8000E-T stands out not just for its power but also for its versatility. Its dual voltage capability at 230V and 400V expands its utility, catering to varied power requirements across diverse settings. Its petrol-driven mechanism ensures swift and convenient refueling, guaranteeing a consistent power supply without delays.

Despite its robust power output, the Generator 8kVA – G8000E-T doesn’t compromise on portability. Its design strikes a balance between power and mobility, making it suitable for various applications where both reliability and ease of movement are crucial.

Whether serving as a dependable backup for critical appliances during emergencies or as a stalwart power source for construction sites or outdoor events, the G8000E-T stands tall as a beacon of formidable power. Its emphasis on substantial power output, prolonged autonomy, and adaptability to different voltage needs makes it an ideal choice for sustained, reliable power in diverse scenarios, ensuring uninterrupted performance whenever and wherever it’s required.

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Weight 37 kg
Dimensions 60.5 × 43.2 × 49.3 cm