Whether you need to maintain productive and healthy working environments for people, or optimised operating envelopes for critical equipment, Proenergy Solutions Ltd can offer a tailored solution based on world-class products, industry-leading design, intelligent software and unrivalled end-to-end customer support.

Our core business has always been precision cooling, with a pedigree of supplying systems where temperature-controlled environments are critical to business operations. As well as being HVAC experts, we also have deep sector experience enabling us to offer tailored solutions to industries where climate control is key, including data centres, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, manufacturing and many other.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

The use of high performance HVAC equipment can result in considerable energy, emissions and costs savings. Plus, it also improves occupant comfort. We can adapt solutions towards your specific industrial requirements.

Our services related to HVAC assessment include:

  • Ensure an adequate supply of heating, ventilation and cooling is being supplied to the work environment
  • Measuring and assessing system performance
  • Providing recommendations on how to improve the system
  • Providing detailed layout and dimensioning

HVAC typically represents 35% of energy consumed in industrial buildings.