Alto 2- Filter 5µm


BSPP Female thread : G 3/8
Flow rate (l/min at 6 bar) : 2250
Max Operating Pressure : 12 bar
Filtration (µm): 5



Introducing Alto 2 – Filter 5µm, designed for seamless integration with your compressed air system. Its BSPP Female thread (G 3/8) ensures straightforward and secure installation. Additionally, with a remarkable flow rate of 2250 l/min at 6 bar, it’s tailor-made for various applications, promising consistent performance.

Furthermore, this filter boasts a maximum operating pressure of 12 bar, making it exceptionally robust and dependable under diverse conditions. It’s ready to take on the challenges of industrial and commercial settings.

In terms of filtration, Alto 2 offers exceptional precision with a filtration level of 5µm. This ensures that even the tiniest particles and contaminants are effectively removed from the air supply, safeguarding your equipment and processes.

Alto 2 – Filter 5µm’s BSPP Female thread streamlines the installation process. It combines with the outstanding flow rate of 2250 l/min at 6 bar to cater to a wide array of applications. Furthermore, the filter’s robust design, with a maximum operating pressure of 12 bar, guarantees its resilience in demanding environments.

The filtration precision, set at 5µm, plays a crucial role in maintaining the purity of the air supply, ensuring that your equipment remains protected from harmful debris.

Alto 2 – Filter 5µm is the ultimate solution for efficient and precise air filtration across various applications. Its user-friendly design, impressive flow rate, robust operating pressure, and fine filtration capabilities make it an indispensable component for industries where clean and uncontaminated air is of utmost importance. Whether safeguarding equipment or optimizing processes, Alto 2 – Filter 5µm stands as a reliable and efficient choice.

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Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 14 cm