Kaeser SXC 8

Working Pressure:8, 11 or 15 bar
Flow rate: 0.26-0.80 mᶾ/min
Simple Maintenance
Protection from corrosion damage


The Kaeser SXC 8 offers a versatile compressed air solution, allowing you to select from various working pressures (8, 11, or 15 bar) to match the specific demands of different applications. Its flexible flow rate, ranging from 0.26 to 0.80 cubic meters per minute, enables you to fine-tune the compressor’s performance according to your equipment and tools, ensuring efficient and precise pneumatic operation.

Additionally, the SXC 8 prioritizes user-friendly maintenance, simplifying servicing procedures and reducing downtime. This design ensures that you can keep the compressor in optimal working condition without the need for complex or time-consuming maintenance, promoting continuous productivity.

Corrosion, a common concern in various environments, has the potential to damage your equipment and compressed air systems. The SXC 8 addresses this concern by providing protection against corrosion damage, which not only extends the compressor’s lifespan but also ensures the longevity of your pneumatic equipment.

In summary, the Kaeser SXC 8 is a versatile compressed air solution that offers customizable working pressures (8, 11, or 15 bar) and a flexible flow rate (0.26-0.80 cubic meters per minute). Its user-friendly maintenance procedures and protection from corrosion damage make it a reliable choice for various applications. Whether you’re in an industrial setting or a workshop, the SXC 8 ensures that you have access to efficient and precise pneumatic performance, supported by durability and ease of maintenance.

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Additional information

Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 98 × 62 × 1480 cm