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Category Chiller/Heat pump
Brand Rhoss
Condition Rented once, Looks as new
YOM 2022
Description Heat pump high efficiency inverter driven scroll compressor, complete with Plate exchanger, 80L buffer tank and primary pump
Running Hours 200
Power 400VAC/3P+N/50HZ – 13.6Kw (Cooling)
Type Reversible air-cooled heat pump
Cooling/Heating power 37.4/40.2Kw
Temparature temperature of produced water up to 60 Degrees
Dimensions 1710 x 1570 x 1000 (L X H X D)



The Rhoss MIDIPACK-I THAITY 138 ASP1 stands as a pinnacle of heat pump technology, boasting an efficient inverter-driven scroll compressor for high-performance operation. This rental unit comes complete with a Plate exchanger, an 80L buffer tank, and a primary pump, offering top-notch efficiency and functionality.

Under the category of Chiller/Heat pump, this Rhoss model represents the epitome of reliability and innovation. Having been rented once and maintained meticulously, it maintains a pristine, ‘looks as new’ condition despite its Year of Manufacture being in 2022.

Moreover, with a running time of 200 hours, this heat pump operates at 400VAC/3P+N/50HZ, delivering a robust cooling power of 13.6Kw. As a reversible air-cooled heat pump, it showcases impressive capabilities, providing a cooling/heating power range of 37.4/40.2Kw.

The unit maintains flexibility in operation, offering a temperature range that allows the production of water up to 60 Degrees, making it adaptable to diverse settings and requirements.

In terms of dimensions, the Rhoss MIDIPACK-I THAITY 138 ASP1 spans 1710 x 1570 x 1000 (L X H X D), ensuring a compact yet efficient footprint.

In conclusion, this unit stands ready to deliver exceptional performance, whether for cooling or heating needs, owing to its cutting-edge technology and robust design. Its capabilities make it an ideal solution for various applications where efficiency, reliability, and adaptability are key factors.