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Atlas Copco ZT55 (Oil Free) PRO ENERGY SOLUTIONS
The Atlas Copco ZT55 (Oil-Free) compressor offers a reliable and efficient solution for compressed air needs, and it's available for both purchase and hire. This specific unit, manufactured in 1999, remains in excellent used condition and has received proper maintenance, ensuring its ongoing functionality. With a total running time of 46,542 hours, it has proven its durability and reliability over the years. The ZT55 (Oil-Free) operates through a 55kw 3-phase motor, delivering the necessary power to meet your compressed air requirements. It maintains a pressure of 8Bar, ensuring its capacity to handle a wide range of applications in industrial and commercial settings. With a flow rate of 7m³/min, it underscores its efficiency, enabling it to provide a consistent and reliable supply of compressed air. The compressor's oil-free design is particularly noteworthy as it guarantees the production of clean and uncontaminated air. This feature is especially crucial in applications where oil-free air is a necessity, such as in the food and pharmaceutical industries. In conclusion, the Atlas Copco ZT55 (Oil-Free) compressor, available for both purchase and hire, offers a trusted and versatile solution. Its excellent used condition, substantial power, pressure, and flow rate make it a dependable choice. Whether you decide to buy or rent, the ZT55 (Oil-Free) is well-equipped to efficiently and reliably meet your compressed air needs.
Rhoss MIDIPACK-I THAITY 138 ASP1 pro energy solutions
The Rhoss MIDIPACK-I THAITY 138 ASP1 stands as a pinnacle of heat pump technology, boasting an efficient inverter-driven scroll compressor for high-performance operation. This rental unit comes complete with a Plate exchanger, an 80L buffer tank, and a primary pump, offering top-notch efficiency and functionality. Under the category of Chiller/Heat pump, this Rhoss model represents the epitome of reliability and innovation. Having been rented once and maintained meticulously, it maintains a pristine, 'looks as new' condition despite its Year of Manufacture being in 2022. Moreover, with a running time of 200 hours, this heat pump operates at 400VAC/3P+N/50HZ, delivering a robust cooling power of 13.6Kw. As a reversible air-cooled heat pump, it showcases impressive capabilities, providing a cooling/heating power range of 37.4/40.2Kw. The unit maintains flexibility in operation, offering a temperature range that allows the production of water up to 60 Degrees, making it adaptable to diverse settings and requirements. In terms of dimensions, the Rhoss MIDIPACK-I THAITY 138 ASP1 spans 1710 x 1570 x 1000 (L X H X D), ensuring a compact yet efficient footprint. In conclusion, this unit stands ready to deliver exceptional performance, whether for cooling or heating needs, owing to its cutting-edge technology and robust design. Its capabilities make it an ideal solution for various applications where efficiency, reliability, and adaptability are key factors.  
Kaeser TD 210 pro energy solutions
Offered for purchase or hire, the Kaeser TD 210 represents reliability and efficiency in the realm of Air Treatment equipment. This used model, manufactured in 1996, comprises the robust Kaeser BS61 screw air compressor, maintaining its prime condition through regular servicing. Housing a Kaeser Refrigeration dryer with a Dew point of 3 Degrees, this unit guarantees effective air treatment. Operating at 3.8KW and 400VAC/3PH/50HZ, it ensures a consistent and reliable power supply for seamless operations. Capable of handling pressures up to 16bar, the Kaeser TD 210 demonstrates its prowess in managing high-pressure requirements, while delivering a substantial airflow of 21m3/min. In terms of dimensions, this unit spans 97 X 170 X 138 (W X H X D), offering a compact footprint for efficient utilization of space. This size makes it an optimal fit for various settings, providing efficient air treatment without occupying excessive room. Transitioning into its availability, this unit is not just available for purchase but also for hire, offering flexibility in procurement options to cater to diverse needs and preferences. For those seeking a reliable Air Treatment solution, the Kaeser TD 210 stands as a testament to durability, efficiency, and adaptability. Whether purchased for continual use or hired for specific projects, its capabilities ensure effective air treatment, making it an ideal choice for various industrial and commercial applications.
Kaeser BS61 dryer pro energy solutions
Discover the reliability and efficiency of the Kaeser BS61 screw air compressor, available for both purchase and hire. This used model, dating back to 1997, maintains an exceptional condition owing to meticulous servicing. Featuring a powerful 37Kw 3PH, 400VAC 50Hz power supply, this compressor stands ready to deliver consistent and robust performance. With a pressure handling capacity of 8Bar and a flow rate of 6.1m3/min, it meets demands efficiently, ensuring optimal output. Throughout its operational lifespan of 23,999 hours, this compressor has proven its endurance and reliability. Its consistent servicing and prime condition make it a reliable asset for continuous usage. Measuring at 161 x 140 x 100 (L X H X D), its compact dimensions offer efficient utilization of space, catering to various operational environments. Transitioning to its availability, this compressor is not only available for purchase but also for hire. This flexibility in procurement options caters to diverse requirements and preferences. The Kaeser BS61 screw air compressor embodies durability, efficiency, and adaptability. Whether purchased for ongoing operations or hired for specific projects, its steadfast performance ensures efficient compression, making it an ideal choice for various industrial and commercial applications. Its history of reliable service and well-maintained condition, combined with its robust specifications, positions it as a valuable asset in various industries. From manufacturing facilities requiring consistent air compression to construction sites needing dependable equipment, this compressor delivers efficiency and durability, ensuring seamless operations in demanding environments.
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