Atlas Copco ZT55 (Oil-Free)

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Available for Hire

Category Compressor
Brand Atlas Capco
Model ZT55 (Oil-Free)
Condition Used
YOM 1999
Description Oil free ZT 55 Atlas copco compressor in good condition
Running Hours 46,542
Power 55kw 3PH
Pressure 8Bar
Flow rate 7m3/min

The Atlas Copco ZT55 (Oil-Free) compressor offers a reliable and efficient solution for compressed air needs, and it’s available for both purchase and hire.

This specific unit, manufactured in 1999, remains in excellent used condition and has received proper maintenance, ensuring its ongoing functionality. With a total running time of 46,542 hours, it has proven its durability and reliability over the years.

The ZT55 (Oil-Free) operates through a 55kw 3-phase motor, delivering the necessary power to meet your compressed air requirements. It maintains a pressure of 8Bar, ensuring its capacity to handle a wide range of applications in industrial and commercial settings. With a flow rate of 7m³/min, it underscores its efficiency, enabling it to provide a consistent and reliable supply of compressed air.

The compressor’s oil-free design is particularly noteworthy as it guarantees the production of clean and uncontaminated air. This feature is especially crucial in applications where oil-free air is a necessity, such as in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

In conclusion, the Atlas Copco ZT55 (Oil-Free) compressor, available for both purchase and hire, offers a trusted and versatile solution. Its excellent used condition, substantial power, pressure, and flow rate make it a dependable choice. Whether you decide to buy or rent, the ZT55 (Oil-Free) is well-equipped to efficiently and reliably meet your compressed air needs.