Kaeser BS61

Available for Purchase

Available for Hire

Category Compressor
Brand Kaeser
Model BS61
Condition Used
YOM 1997
Description Kaeser screw air compressor in good condition and always serviced
Running Hours 23,999
Power Supply 37Kw 3PH, 400VAC 50Hz
Pressure 8Bar
Flow Rate 6.1m3/min
Dimensions 161 x 140 x 100 (L X H X D)

Discover the reliability and efficiency of the Kaeser BS61 screw air compressor, available for both purchase and hire. This used model, dating back to 1997, maintains an exceptional condition owing to meticulous servicing.

Featuring a powerful 37Kw 3PH, 400VAC 50Hz power supply, this compressor stands ready to deliver consistent and robust performance. With a pressure handling capacity of 8Bar and a flow rate of 6.1m3/min, it meets demands efficiently, ensuring optimal output.

Throughout its operational lifespan of 23,999 hours, this compressor has proven its endurance and reliability. Its consistent servicing and prime condition make it a reliable asset for continuous usage.

Measuring at 161 x 140 x 100 (L X H X D), its compact dimensions offer efficient utilization of space, catering to various operational environments.

Transitioning to its availability, this compressor is not only available for purchase but also for hire. This flexibility in procurement options caters to diverse requirements and preferences.

The Kaeser BS61 screw air compressor embodies durability, efficiency, and adaptability. Whether purchased for ongoing operations or hired for specific projects, its steadfast performance ensures efficient compression, making it an ideal choice for various industrial and commercial applications.

Its history of reliable service and well-maintained condition, combined with its robust specifications, positions it as a valuable asset in various industries. From manufacturing facilities requiring consistent air compression to construction sites needing dependable equipment, this compressor delivers efficiency and durability, ensuring seamless operations in demanding environments.