Generator 2.8kW – GR3000iN


Rated Power 2.8kW

Rated Voltage 230V

Frequency 50Hz

Fuel Tank Capacity 9l

Autonomy 9 hours

Noise 68dBA @ 7m


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Step into a realm of power and dependability with the Generator 2.8kW – GR3000iN. This stalwart generator embodies a commanding 2.8kW rated power, ensuring an unwavering and stable power supply exactly when it’s paramount. Engineered meticulously, it operates seamlessly at a rated voltage of 230V and a frequency of 50Hz, finely attuned to meet your distinct electrical requisites.

Outfitted with an ample 9-liter fuel tank, the GR3000iN stands tall, offering an impressive 9-hour autonomy, delivering unbroken power reserves for contingencies during unexpected outages or for remote equipment and appliances. Its endurance marks a guarantee for persistent operation, ensuring absolute reliability in every scenario.

A standout feature of this generator is its noise reduction capability, emitting a mere 68dBA at a distance of 7 meters, promising a quieter operational landscape without sacrificing its robust performance. Its thoughtful design strikes an ideal balance, catering to environments that demand both robust power and minimized noise levels.

From being the lifeline for essential household appliances during crises to being an unwavering ally for outdoor ventures or job sites, the GR3000iN emerges as the epitome of steadfast power. The fusion of robust power, enduring performance, and minimal noise output renders it the quintessential choice, furnishing a consistently stable and reliable power flow whenever and wherever it’s called upon. With enduring performance and steadfast reliability, the GR3000iN stands poised to meet a spectrum of power requisites with unwavering precision and remarkable efficiency, securing its place as the go-to solution for uncompromised power demands.

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Weight 37 kg
Dimensions 60.5 × 43.2 × 49.3 cm