Generator 5.6 kW – CLICK 7900H


Rated Power 5.6 kW

Rated Voltage 230V

Fuel type Petrol

Fuel tank capacity 6.1l

Autonomy 2.9 hours


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Unleash the commanding power of the Generator 5.6 kW – CLICK 7900H. This robust generator doesn’t hold back, delivering an impressive 5.6 kW rated power, ensuring a forceful and uninterrupted power supply whenever you need it. Engineered to perform, it operates efficiently at a rated voltage of 230V, tailored precisely to cater to your power requirements.

Fueled by petrol, this generator boasts a 6.1-liter tank capacity, providing a notable 2.9 hours of autonomy. While it may not offer the longest runtime, its power output makes it a formidable ally during crucial moments, serving as a reliable backup during emergencies or for short-term power needs.

The CLICK 7900H doesn’t compromise on portability, making it an agile companion for various applications. Its petrol-based fuel type ensures quick and convenient refueling, allowing for rapid deployment in situations where immediate power is essential.

This generator may not provide extended autonomy, but its focused power output and portability cater to scenarios demanding immediate, robust power. Its 5.6 kW rated power and efficient operation at 230V establish it as a dependable solution for short-term power requirements across different settings.

Whether it’s serving as a reliable backup for essential appliances during emergencies or being a nimble power source for outdoor activities or construction sites, the CLICK 7900H stands firm as a compact yet powerful generator. Its emphasis on power output and agility makes it a suitable choice when swift and forceful power delivery is critical, ensuring reliable performance whenever and wherever it’s needed.

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Weight 85 kg
Dimensions 78 × 54 × 56 cm