Power 2000VA
IEC Outputs
Line Interactive
AVR Stabilization
Recommended for Personal Computers, DVR/NVR and video surveillance systems, ADSL/ fiber modem, switch/router, cash registers.
1 socket IEC C14 input
6 sockets IEC C12 output
2 cables IEC-IEC output included
Protects against black-outs, overvoltages and undervoltages.
UPS management software TecnoManager compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux etc.
USB port for UPS control/ monitoring and on/off programming via Tecnomanager software.


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The UPS ERA PLUS 2000-IEC stands as a stalwart shield, purpose-built to ensure uninterrupted power delivery to a vast range of electronic devices and systems. With its IEC outputs and robust design, it serves as a steadfast guardian, guaranteeing seamless operation even amidst challenging conditions.

At its core lies Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), actively stabilizing voltage levels. This feature dynamically regulates voltage, shielding your devices from sudden power surges or drops, ensuring a continuous, unyielding power stream, regardless of external fluctuations.

Tailored specifically for personal computers, DVR/NVR systems, video surveillance setups, ADSL/fiber modems, switch/routers, and cash registers, this UPS model transcends boundaries, serving both household and commercial needs with unwavering reliability. It features one IEC C14 input socket and six IEC C12 output sockets, along with two IEC-IEC output cables for effortless connectivity, designed for seamless integration into your setup.

This UPS acts as an impenetrable fortress against blackouts, overvoltages, and undervoltages, ensuring your vital devices remain immune to power disruptions that could otherwise cause catastrophic data loss or equipment damage.

Ease of management is inherent in its design. The TecnoManager-compatible UPS management software simplifies control and monitoring. It seamlessly integrates with various operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Additionally, the USB port empowers you to customize and program power supply preferences using the TecnoManager software, ensuring tailored performance to meet your specific needs.

In conclusion, the UPS ERA PLUS 2000VA isn’t just a power solution; it guarantees uninterrupted, unwavering power supply. It stands as an indispensable asset in environments where consistent, reliable power is non-negotiable, ensuring continuous operation and safeguarding your invaluable equipment round the clock.

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