Power 18W
Autonomy up to 240 minutes
Output connections: DC 5.5×2.5mm – RJ45- USB
Ideal for WIFI modem/ routers, VOIP, cameras etc.
Can charge devices such as smart watches, tablets, smartphones etc
10 Tips are included in the package for wide compatibility


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Introducing the UPS ERA PLUS DC 9VDC/12VDC- USB 5V, a robust power solution prioritizing uninterrupted performance above all. With an 18W power output and an exceptional autonomy of up to 240 minutes, it’s designed to ensure seamless, uninterrupted power for a multitude of applications.

This UPS ERA PLUS features multiple output connections, including DC 5.5×2.5mm, RJ45, and USB ports, becoming a cornerstone of your setup, especially crucial for devices like WiFi modems, routers, VOIP systems, cameras, and more, ensuring continuous operation even during power fluctuations.

A standout feature is its ability to charge various devices, from smartwatches to tablets and smartphones. Whether it’s bolstering your mobile gadgets or powering essential communication equipment, this UPS delivers consistent power without interruption.

Complementing its functionality, the package includes ten tips to enhance compatibility across a wide range of devices. These tips offer flexibility and peace of mind, ensuring connectivity and power across different models and brands in any situation.

With its diverse output connections catering to an array of devices and the ability to sustain essential equipment, from WiFi modems to smart devices, this UPS ERA PLUS delivers reliable, uninterrupted power. With ten included tips for broad compatibility, it stands as a trustworthy asset for both everyday use and emergency scenarios, ensuring your devices stay powered when it matters most.

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