Ortea Orion voltage stabilizer 15 kVA 3-ph

3-ph 15kVA
Output voltage accuracy 230±0.5%
Harmonic distortion non introduced


The Ortea Orion 15kVA 3-Phase Voltage Stabilizer is the epitome of precise and consistent voltage control in a wide array of applications. Its 3-phase configuration, coupled with the substantial 15kVA capacity, positions it as a powerhouse capable. It manages significant electrical loads while delivering a reliable and stable power supply.

Notably, the Orion Stabilizer boasts a remarkable output voltage accuracy, functioning at an impressive 230±0.5%. This precision guarantees that the voltage delivered to your connected equipment remains steadfast. A critical aspect in protecting sensitive devices, mitigating the risk of damage, and ensuring uninterrupted and efficient operation.

A standout feature is the Orion Stabilizer’s commitment to eliminating the introduction of harmonic distortion. By maintaining the integrity of the waveform, it ensures that your electrical load operates optimally, free from any waveform disruptions. Its versatility extends across a spectrum of applications, from supporting industrial machinery to data centers, medical equipment, and various critical operations.

In summary, the Ortea Orion 15kVA 3-Phase Voltage Stabilizer is the go-to solution for precise and consistent voltage control across a diverse range of applications. Its 3-phase configuration, impressive 15kVA capacity, and the elimination of harmonic distortion make it a dependable choice. Whether your focus is on safeguarding sensitive equipment, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of critical systems, or maintaining electrical reliability, the Orion Stabilizer is your reliable partner in voltage control.

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Weight 140 kg
Dimensions 53 × 41 × 120 cm